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“Without community my practice would mean very little. I take delight in helping to run the Tuesday meditation group. This involves welcoming newcomers and overseeing the meditation and mindful sharing sessions. As we sit in a circle a deep sense of connection and community emerges. I’m also a member of the day retreats team helping to bring dharma teachers to Bristol for a day of practice for our wider community. It is deeply satisfying to work within a team to plan retreats, from the initial idea to organising the day itself and to know that many people have benefited.” Mike


Current Organisers

Day retreats – Claire-Louise, Joss James, Mike Baker, Alison Parry, Ryan Johnson, Donna Person, and Jackie Slade

Tuesday night sangha – Jill Bird

Monthly daytime sangha group – Gordon Adam

Self-led day retreat – Max Beseke, David Ringsell, Caroline Gouraly and Lesley Wye

Introductory Course – Mike Baker and Joss James

Longer, teacher-led courses – Alastair Wakely,

Focusing group – Gordon Adam

Sangha walks – Gordon Adam

Newsletter – Mike Baker

Website – Mike Baker

Finance and accounts – Jonathan Edwards