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A day retreat with Julia Wallond and Andrea Hosfeld 

In a world which can appear increasingly unstable, bewildering and unkind the need for refuge can feel ever more important. And while meditation and ‘retreats’ are often viewed as safe havens, for many of us, our internal landscape continues to reflect the turbulence in the outside world. What might it look and feel like to be safe, resourced and grounded in a world that will continue to shift beneath our feet? And what role do joy, wonder and gratitude play in meeting that which feels uncertain and unsteady? In the face of global instability is it possible to cultivate a more flexible conception of refuge – one that is informed by both wisdom and compassion, and doesn’t constitute a figurative or literal ‘running away’?

Throughout the day we will be exploring this idea of refuge, drawing on both traditional Buddhist teachings and contemporary reflections as we offer practices which not only ground and resource the being, but also expand our ways of looking and conceiving of refuge itself. With the collective energy of the group we hope to offer some creative tools for opening and responding to the challenges and joys of a changing world.

Julia Wallond

Julia has been meditating regularly since 2005, mainly with Gaia house teachers, and was a founding trustee at Bristol Insight. She is currently a student in the Bodhi College Teacher Training Programme, and teaches with her local community meditation group in Machynlleth, Wales. She enjoys exploring dharma in everyday life and particularly how it can support us in engaging with the climate and social crises of our times.

Andrea Hosfeld

Andrea has had a committed meditation practice for the last ten years and has been sitting regular retreats at Gaia House since 2012. She completed a year-long mindfulness training with Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman in 2014 and has been teaching mindfulness courses for the last seven years. Andrea recently completed a three-month retreat at Gaia House and is passionate about the role of creativity in infusing the path with meaningfulness, pleasure, and an ever-expanding sense of freedom. She has been a student of Rob Burbea since 2016.