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Descending into the Mystery: A meditative journey into the magic of an open-ended cosmos

with Andrea Hosfeld

Sat, November 20, 2021 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM GMT

Where do you find yourself in the unfolding swirl of 2021?

And what does your ‘practice’ look like and feel like in a world that appears to be shedding its boundaries and belief systems in profound and disorienting ways?

This day will be an opportunity to explore ways of looking and practicing that cultivate and feed our ‘inner magician.’

What is the Dharma of descent?

What creative tools can be drawn into a spiritual practice that is unlimited by a particular vision of reality?

Expect the unexpected: meditative practices and forays into the art of being that unveil the full kaleidescope of the heart, yours and the fellow pilgrims that join us on the day.

All are welcome.










Andrea Hosfield

Andrea has had a committed meditation practice for the last ten years and has been sitting regular retreats at Gaia House since 2012.

She completed a year-long mindfulness training with Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman in 2014 and has been teaching mindfulness courses for the last seven years.

Andrea recently completed a three-month retreat at Gaia House and is passionate about the role of creativity in infusing the path with meaningfulness, pleasure, and an ever-expanding sense of freedom. She has been a student of Rob Burbea since 2016.

Andrea has been living in the northwest Highlands, exploring what wild spirituality can look like in the midst of a pandemic, and writing about her findings. They can be found on her site:

Venue: Glenfrome Primary School, Bristol, BS5 6TY

The day is run by Bristol Insight Meditation group from 10-5 with a break for lunch. You can arive as from 9.30 to have a bit of time for a drink and to settle in before we start at 10am.

So please bring the following items with you on the day:

  • a vegetarian dish or your own pack lunch (depending on covid restrictions)
  • a yoga mat,
  • a meditation stool/cushion
  • cushions and blankets so you can be comfortable for the day.

Chairs and gym mats are provided.


You can book on Eventbrite here

Booking is £15 waged and £7.50 unwaged (plus booking fee). This covers the admin fees of the hall hire etc.

We ask for dana (donation) to be given on the day to cover the cost of the teacher so please bring cash/cheque if you wish to donate towards the cost of the teaching itself.