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What does dharma practice look like in the face of a Climate and Ecological emergency? How do the Buddha’s wisdom teachings and compassionate practices empower us to meet this crisis? How do we keep our heart open while engaging with our inner responses and the outer situation? This day will involve meditations, reflections and sharing, informed by the call for compassionate and courageous action.

Yanai Postelnik

Yanai Postelnik has practised and studied Insight Meditation and Buddhism since 1990 and has been teaching internationally for over 20 years. He is much inspired by the Thai forest tradition and the transformative power of the natural world. Yanai is a Core Faculty member of Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts, and he lives with his wife Catherine McGee in Devon, England.

“Since October 2018 I have been engaged with Extinction Rebellion, a young but swiftly growing movement organising non-violent mass civil disobedience to call for urgent government action on the climate and ecological emergency.

I have participated in a number of non-violent direct actions, including blockading the BBC in December by locking myself to fellow activists, calling on the news media to “Tell the Truth”, blockading the International Petroleum Conference in London, together with a group of activists and dharma practitioners who super-glued themselves to the doors of the conference venue, and helping coordinate the week-long occupation of Waterloo Bridge in London as part of the “International Rebellion” during which I was arrested four times.

It has been a little bit of a change from retreats and sitting practice…”

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