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Rewilding Women 

Nature meditation overnights 2024

Words from the woods

Friday 23 – Monday 26 August (bank holiday)

Co-facilitated with Lauren Mason and Liz Kalaugher

I went to the woods and Time slipped.

And in that moment

I was at One with all of the life around me.

In our first three-night retreat (where Time will undoubtedly slip!), the Beech tree will be our focus. Known as the ‘Queen of the Forest’ and venerated for its connection to learning and knowledge, especially written knowledge, we will draw on key Beech qualities of communication, community and interconnection in our nature meditation practices. Optional sessions on poetry and prose writing will be offered to explore different aspects of sensing, transcribing and translating words from the woods. Writers and non-writers welcome. Women only.

Rewilding Meditation woodland retreats aim to bring meditation back into nature to help deepen your practice. Over the weekend,  participants will spend time together and alone within their own camp in beautiful, private woodlands near Bruton Somerset. We will practise sitting, walking and nature meditations structured around the theme. We will provide delicious vegan meals, a campfire and nature meditation activities. A zoom pre-meet will introduce retreatants to each other and help prepare for the weekend.

To cover costs such as food and catering, we ask for individual contributions of £205 with a deposit of £30. Please don’t let financial or transport concerns stop you from coming, as bursaries and carpooling are available.

For further information and to book, please see FAQ or contact Lesley on Please see here for information on future retreats.