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The group is currently meeting every 2 weeks, with meetings alternating between online and in-person meetings. All meetings are on a Sunday morning. Online meetings are from 10am–12.30pm, on Zoom, while in-person meetings are from 11am–2pm, at Bristol Zen Dojo, 91-93 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8AT. In-person meetings will be limited to 8 people to enable social distancing.

Forthcoming Focusing group meetings are as follows: (all Sundays)
29th August Zen Dojo
12th September Zoom
26th September Zen Dojo
10th October Zoom
24th October Zen Dojo

Advance booking is required for all meetings. For further information about the group, to book, or to go on the email list for the group, contact Gordon Adam

Focusing and Insight meditation have in common a willingness to sit with one’s experience from a place of presence, acceptance, warmth and curiosity. The most significant difference between the two practices is the presence of the partner or companion and the use of spoken words in Focusing to convey one’s experience to the companion. The presence of the companion and her reflection of the spoken experience of the Focuser enables a deepening of connection with, and unfolding of, inner experience.

For more information about the group please click here, and for further information about Focusing see and Gordon’s article “Focusing & Insight Meditation: an experiential comparison”.