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Power Mindfulness – An online day retreat with Venerable Canda

Sat, March 20, 2021

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM 

Mindfulness has many benefits to our health and wellbeing. Looking at mindfulness in the context of the Buddha’s teachings, opens up the path to experiencing its full power and how it awakens our potential as human beings.

The mind becomes empowered through letting it settle in stillness. This day retreat will show how to truly rest our mind and explore mindfulness at a deeper level. Ven. Candā will teach how to overcome the hindrances that prevent our active mind from calming down and how we can redirect our energy to supercharge our innate wisdom and sense of happiness.

The day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, Dhamma reflections and an opportunity for Q&A.









Venerable Canda

Ven Canda began meditating in 1996 with S.N. Goenka and intensively in India for many years. In 2006 she ordained in Burma as a Buddhist nun and in 2012 went to Australia to learn under the guidance of Ajahn Brahm and take full ‘bhikkhuni’ ordination.

Ven Canda’s teachings emphasize kindness and letting go as a way to deepen samadhi (stillness) and pave the path to wisdom. Her style is warm, engaging and richly informed by the pragmatism and compassion of the early Buddhist texts.

In 2016 Ven Canda founded Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project with Ajahn Brahm – a UK charity aimed at establishing a Forest Monastery in the UK (


Onine via Zoom

The day is run by Bristol Insight Meditation group from 9.30-3.30 . You can join as from 9.15 to have a bit of time to settle in before we start at 9.30am.

The sessions will run from 9.30 – 11am and then from 1.30 – 3.30am

Booking is £10 waged and £5 unwaged (plus booking fee).

Donations are welcome at and will support Ven Canda’s monastic needs and help her save toward a monastery.

You can book on Eventbrite here