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Honouring Winter, Welcoming Spring

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 March 2022                       Wraxall Woods

Many women would love to practice on their own outdoors, but find deeply engrained, conditioned fears stop them. Our aim is to help women experience the peace, nourishment and joy of the woods to deepen their practice and transform nature into a place of refuge.

March is a month of transitions, as the signs of Winter ebb and those of Spring arrive. For this Rewilding Women overnight, we will be looking at how transitions manifest in nature and in ourselves. We may also explore ‘time’, as the clocks go forward and/ or ‘fire’ if it’s cold!

Over the weekend, women will spend time together and alone within their own camp in beautiful, private woodlands near Wraxall (see photos here). We will practise sitting, walking and nature meditations structured around the theme, although participation in activities is optional and you are welcome to follow your own direction. A formal meditation practice is not essential, but you do need to sit in stillness for up to 40 minutes.

We will provide delicious vegan meals, a campfire and nature meditation activities. A minimum of three and a maximum of eight women can attend. A zoom pre-meet will introduce retreatants to each other and help prepare for the weekend. To cover costs of the woods hire, food and catering, we ask for individual contributions of £75 with a deposit of £20. Please don’t let financial or transport concerns stop you from coming, as bursaries and carpooling are available. Further weekends are planned for 21-22 May, 9-10 July and 10-11 Sept 2022. For further information and to book, please contact Lesley on