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‘Goat Gully’ – Avon Gorge


The next Bristol Insight Sangha walk will be a local Bristol walk on Saturday 27th July. This walk will start at the Avon Gorge viewpoint on the Downs, followed a descent through ‘Goat Gully’ (where goats have been introduced to help preserve the vegetation) down to the Portway (A4). We will walk for about 10-15min along the Portway, before taking a footpath alongside the River Avon. After another 15-20min we cross the A4 and immediately enter into the wooded part of Old Sneed Park, eventually emerging from the quite densely wooded area into the open common part of the park and along to the picturesque Old Sneed Park Lake (see info below) where we will stop for lunch.
After lunch we walk through Bishop’s Knoll before emerging into Sneyd Park and a short walk back to the start point of the walk on the Downs.

The walk is pretty easy going apart from the steep-ish walk down from the Downs to the Portway which is a bit slippery, so wear footwear with a reasonable grip.

Meet at the Avon Gorge viewpoint on the Downs (by the ice cream van & toilets) at 11am. The walk should last 2-3 hours, Including a half-hour stop for lunch.
Family, friends, children and dogs are welcome and part of the walk (about 45 min) will be in silence.

There is no need to let me know if you are planning to come on the walk – just turn up – we will start the walk no later than 11.10, so please be on time.

My mobile number is 0779 6087351


Every Bristol Insight activity is required to have a Health & Safety policy, partly for insurance purposes. Walkers are asked to abide by the following guidelines:
Please wear/bring clothing that is appropriate for the conditions and weather, for example: walking boots; waterproof (and ideally windproof) clothing; drinking water/tea; something to sit on for lunch/tea breaks; snacks; sun cream if the weather requires it; sunglasses.
Children and dogs are the responsibility of their parent(s)/guardian/owner and are not covered by BI insurance. Please be prepared to keep your dog on a lead if necessary (in certain nature reserves, or if livestock are in fields). The walk leader will carry a basic first aid kit.
The walk leader will give an advance assessment of the difficulty and conditions on the walk and will advise if any special precautions are needed. It is up to parents to assess whether the walk is within the capacity of any children. Walks are at a slow/gentle pace – we walk at the pace of the slowest person, and have frequent pauses in walking, so that no one feels pressurised to keep up.

With warm wishes,