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In this silent retreat day, we will explore the potential of slowing down. In a world and time that praise quickness and busyness, we need more than ever to develop the capacity to pause and slow down, instead of letting ourselves being “carried away”. When we bring this attitude on retreat, and in our daily lives, we can begin to relax our habitual patters of tension and reactivity, and to create the best state of mind in order to respond to our circumstances with wisdom and compassion.

Ramiro Ortega

Ramiro Ortega has practised Buddhist meditation since 2005. He is currently training to teach the Dharma with Bodhi College, and is being mentored by Christina Feldman and Chris Cullen. He also teaches mindfulness courses and retreats.

Ramiro combines his passion for the Dharma with his love for Philosophy and Psychotherapy. Currently he is training to become a philosophical counsellor.

How to Book

You can book this retreat through our website or through Eventbrite:

For more information about our day retreats generally, please visit our ‘General information and practicalities’ page on our website. Please note this retreat will be held at Glenfrome Primary School. Directions can be found in the General information and practicalities page.