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The last words of the Buddha to his disciples as they gathered to say goodbye included:  ‘Be an island to yourself’. This sense of autonomy, quiet and steadiness are certainly needed in times of uncertainty, anxiety, conflict and difficulty. But how can we stay quiet and yet speak our voice and go out and make change in the world? Isn’t an island also an image of separateness when we actually want to practice mindfulness in order to restore intimacy with life? But in that case how do we avoid getting upset, and overwhelmed by circumstances, such as conflict, injustice and suffering? How do we develop a protection which is not an external armour and a thick skin?

The answer is in the powerful and sublime teachings of equanimity. This is a core teaching: equanimity is one of the Brahman Viharas, the immeasurable powers of the heart, and the last and highest of the Factors of Awakening. It is our capacity to be light and free and dance with change. How can we practice it? In this day we will explore what is equanimity, how to recognise and appreciate it, and how it can be developed. We will explore this theme by means of meditations and contemplation, a dharma talk and discussions, and verbal and silent exercises, using examples from our daily life such as conflict.

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Please note this retreat will be held at St Michael’s Parish Hall. Directions can be found in the General information and practicalities page, see link above.

Stephen Fulder

Dr. Stephen Fulder was born in London in 1946 and educated at Oxford. He has a Ph.D in molecular biology and was a lecturer at London University, and then worked in the field of herbal and complementary medicine about which he has had 14 books published. He is the founder and senior teacher of Tovana (the Israel Insight Society), the largest organisation in Israeli that brings mindfulness, Vipassana and dharma teachings to thousands of participants yearly. He has been involved in dharma practice since 1975, has spent years in India and has been guided by a variety of teachers from Burma, India and the West. Stephen has been teaching for 25 years, mostly in Israel but also abroad, and teaches a large number of retreats, courses and classes annually, especially to more advanced practitioners. He has been involved for many years in peace work in the Middle East and was a founder of the MiddleWay organisation. His latest book ‘Daily Life Awakening’was 18 weeks number one bestseller of instructional books in Israel and will be published in the UK and US in January under the title: ‘What’s Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up to This Precious Life’. For articles and talks see: