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The experience of appreciative joy – including gratitude for our own good qualities and delight in those of others – is deeply supportive of our ability to respond with resilience and compassion to the challenges of our lives. Joy is one of four qualities of the heart (along with friendliness, compassion, and equanimity) that are emphasised in the Buddha’s teaching of the path to awakening.

This day retreat offers an opportunity to explore how gratitude and joy can be cultivated both in our individual meditation practice and during mindful dialogue with others. The schedule will include sitting and walking meditation, as well as some short periods of guided contemplation in pairs or small groups involving talking and listening. Jenny will also offer some reflections on the theme and time for questions.

Jenny Wilks

Jenny Wilks has practiced insight meditation for many years and has an MA in Indian Religions. She teaches at Gaia House and at the Barn Retreat in Devon. She trained as a clinical psychologist and works at Exeter University training and supervising mindfulness teachers. Jenny has also attended several Insight Dialogue retreats with Gregory Kramer and draws on this approach in her teaching.

How to Book

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