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The theme for this retreat will be up shortly.


How to Book

Booking will be available soon.

For more information about our day retreats generally, please visit our ‘General information and practicalities’ page.

Please note this retreat will be held at Glenfrome Primary School. Directions can be found in the General information and practicalities page, see link above.


John Peacock

John Peacock is both an academic and a Buddhist practitioner of nearly forty years. He was initially trained in the Tibetan Gelugpatradition in India and subsequently spent time in Sri Lanka studying Theravada. He has lectured in Buddhist Studies at the University of Bristol, and at present he is Associate Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centreand teaches on the Master of Studies programme in MBCT(Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy)at Oxford University. He has been teaching meditation for over twenty five years and is a Gaia House guiding teacher.