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The Buddha famously said that ‘Everything is burning’ and we may particularly feel the truth of this at times of turbulence and intensity in our personal and collective lives, and as we awaken to the deepening climate emergency. During this day of practice and reflection, we will consider how to resource ourselves and align our understanding in the midst of such challenges so as to respond with greater awareness, appropriateness, practical wisdom and compassion.

Chris Cullen

Chris Cullen has practised and studied the Buddha’s teachings since 1994 and has been teaching Insight Meditation retreats in the UK and internationally since 2011. He is also on the teaching team of the University of Oxford’s Mindfulness Centre, teaching Buddhist psychology on the Masters course in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and running the mindfulness programme in the UK Parliament. He has a psychotherapy practice in Oxford.

Venue: Glenfrome Primary School, Bristol, BS5 6TY

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