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What Can We Rely On? – Living with Steadiness in an Uncertain World

An online day retreat with Stephen Fulder 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

10:00 AM – 3:30 PM GMT

Trust, faith and confidence (Saddha in Pali) the first of the Five Spiritual Powers (Bala) , are the primary means to dissolve and transform our anxieties, fears, confusions, and resistance. Instead of the tendency to feel overwhelmed and under pressure to fix, control, or deny uncertainty and difficulty, we can develop an attitude of welcoming experience and allowing things to be the way they are. We surf the waves of change rather than be knocked over by them. We can trust the noise to be noisy, silence to be silent, pain to be painful and joy to be joyful, as a basis to work with those experiences. This is not an encouragement to resignation, but an invitation to engagement from a place of steadiness, not friction.

Saddha is also conviction or refuge, the sense of deep inner alignment to what matters, to what is significant and kind to ourselves and the world. It allows us to discover how to feel at home in our experience, and to mark a path through the desert. It also allows us to step beyond the control of the habits of the ordinary mind, for example in our meditation practice. In this day we will explore how to develop a trusting heart and explore faith and refuge. We will do so by means of several guided meditations, two talks with Q & A., and one verbal inquiry in couples.

All levels of meditation experience are welcome.

The day will be held in silence.

Stephen Fulder

Stephen Fulder was born in London in 1946, and has a Ph.D in molecular biology. He has been practicing Buddhist-related spiritual practice for over 40 years. He is the founder and senior teacher of the Israel Insight Society, the largest meditation and mindfulness organisation in Israel. Stephen has been teaching for 25 years, and has been deeply engaged in peace and environmental work. Besides 14 books on health-related subjects, he has two new books on dharma teachings: What’s Beyond Mindfulness: Waking Up To This Precious Life Watkins Publishers (2019), and The Five Powers Aster (Imprint of Hachette UK) (2020)


Online Via Zoom (link will be sent to you once you book)

The day is run by Bristol Insight Meditation group from 10-3.30. You can arrive as from 9.45 to have a bit of time to settle in before we start at 10am.

So please have the following items with you on the day:

  • a yoga mat,
  • cushions and blankets so you can be comfortable for the day.

Booking is £10 waged and £5.00 unwaged (plus booking fee). This covers the admin fees.

You can book via Eventbrite here.

We ask for dana (donation) to be given on the day to cover the cost of the teacher so please bring cash/cheque if you wish to donate towards the cost of the teaching itself.