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Supporters are in effect members who care about the well-being and development of the organisation. Being a Supporter is about making an intention to support Bristol Insight by being willing to share ideas and do things like voting in trustees at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) –  which is included within the Annual Sangha Day.

We believe that the more Supporters we have, the more democratic and inclusive Bristol Insight will become. If you attend our events, support our values and want to further our aims then we warmly invite you to consider becoming a Bristol Insight Supporter. There is no financial commitment as a Supporter, only the commitment to our aims and values.

As a Supporter, you will hear about the dates of meetings where key decisions about our charity are made. As we said, we combine our short AGM within our Annual Sangha Celebration Day, when we celebrate our community through practice, workshops and joyful activities. As a Supporter you are eligible to both elect and stand as a Trustee, giving you an even greater say in shaping our collective future.

If you would like to register as a Supporter you can click here or for further information about Supporters email Jonathan Edwards at